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Introducing Buildable 3

AUGUST 9, 2022 - 6 MIN READ
Written by
Daniel Spataro

A leader in developer productivity

At Buildable, we believe that becoming a category leader in global developer productivity requires a world-class DX (developer experience), a symbiotic open-source ecosystem and a community that is respected and nurtured. We believe that by making software simpler, developers everywhere will be able to bring more life-changing, mind-bending and economy-saving technologies to our web browsers, phones and smart devices. This is a very good thing with compounding utility.

That said, those that are intimately aware of the binary understand that building client-facing technologies is extremely complex. It's not usually modular. It's not usually easy to centralize. It's not usually easy to scale. That is, it wasn't easy until today.

As of this morning, I'm super excited to announce that we are officially releasing Buildable 3 - the most significant upgrade the team at Buildable HQ has ever pushed for the JavaScript ecosystem. The upgrade takes us leaps and bounds forward in our mission in giving developers everywhere access to coding guardrails that feel native, thousands of open-source integrations that actually work and an experience that's nothing short of delightful. The result? Mission-critical backend workflows that are easier to build, deploy and scale, regardless of seniority or stack.

Today, marks one of the most significant milestones in the history of the Buildable platform. More than anything, we hope it brings your team joy and, most importantly, an empty backlog.

Below are the release notes for this exciting platform upgrade, which is now generally available:

Github OAuth

When first scoping the upgrade, we started by making the entry experience into Buildable 3 as delightful as possible. We centralized the login experience to one elegant authentication option using your Github account. We also purposefully kept it to one platform option. While OAuth is great, sometimes having many login options after you create an account with a new tool is just as frustrating as not having it at all (i.e., “did I use Google, Github, or Gitlab for this tool?”). Buildable exclusively serves developers and almost every developer has a Github account, so it takes only a few clicks and feels simple and elegant.

As a caveat, we will be continuing to support email/password login for all users that have created a Buildable account in the past. To login using email/password, simply click the login with email button at the bottom of the new Login Page. Moving forward, we definitely encourage all existing users using email/password to connect a Github account at their own pace. To do so, you can head to Settings > Login Connections and click the Sign in with Github button.


Buildable 3 now offers complete webhook infrastructure via event subscriptions. Events are collected and actioned via our new Connections product.

Connections is Buildable's core open-source offering that makes it easy to collect, stream, transform and action your backend system activity. There are two types of Connections:

  1. Sources - a third-party cloud app, database or server that acts as a source of events
  2. Actions - a third-party cloud app or database that is used to action events
A pipeline that actions a Stripe event using Serverless, PostgreSQL and SendGrid

To get started, login to, open the Connections section of the help panel and click + new. You’ll then be able to browser a full list of available Connections. You’ll want to select a Source, like Stripe, CircleCI or Github Repos to start sending events to Buildable.

Keep in mind, if we're missing an integration your team needs, you can either build and submit it yourself with only a few hours of work or request it on our roadmap. Connections are completely open-source and our core platform engineering team will be reviewing and merging submissions daily.

Event Streams

An Event Stream is the centralized list of all events that have been collected from your connected Sources. It is the one central source of truth for all the activity happening across your disparate systems. Most importantly, all Event Streams come with free, real-time streaming by default. No more waiting for batch pulls or having to pay to speed up batch updates.

Event triggers for Workflows

You’re now able to trigger Workflows programatically by your subscribed events. Want to trigger a Workflow when a customer is created in your Stripe account? Easy. Want to trigger by a created issue in a Github repository? No problem. Simply heads to Events > Workflows to create a new event-based workflow. Then, attach the event you’d like to use to trigger the flow. Add your actions and you're done.

Supercharged DX for Workflows

In Buildable 2, the UI was always the most positive point of feedback from our developer community and customers. Still, the team isn't afraid to rethink things from first principles to make them better, which is exactly what we did to the overall build experience for Buildable 3. The overall Developer Experience (DX) in creating, editing and deploying Workflows-as-code has gotten a serious upgrade.

Optimized UI

While the new dashboard provides all the guardrails you’ll want when interfacing with the cloud apps and databases of choice, you’ll notice everything still feels native. Write code like you always have. Simply provide each action it’s input function and write your code in the run function. Use $body, $headers, $env and $actions to get what you need.

Drag and drop

Each action is 100% modular, which means you’re able to modify logic without creating breaking changes by simply dragging-and-dropping the action accordingly.


Folders let you organize your Workflows into meaningful categories or chunks of work. You can create an infinite amount of folders and drag-and-drop your Workflows accordingly.

Simplified Pricing

We’ve spent a ton of time speaking with software teams on how to make pricing as low-friction and easy-to-predict as possible. As a result, our free Individual plan will now come with a simple limit of three connections and 1,000,000 events per month. On the free plan, individual developers or small teams will be able to build meaningful workflows without being overly constrained.

Whenever more connections are required, teams can simply upgrade to our Team plan to access unlimited connections and 100,000,000 events per month. Custom Business plans are also available for our larger volume customers.

If you have any feedback following the release, feel free to send your message to the #general channel in our Discord server or email