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Buildable launches developer-centric merch to celebrate new community members

FEBRUARY 18, 2021 - 8 MIN READ

Deploy your APIs. Get cool stuff. Support local businesses.

As we think back on how far Buildable has come and the mission that drives us, we often find ourselves thinking about the passionate community of developers and the inspirational work they have brought to life through Buildable. As most of our community already knows, we originally decided to invest and launch the Buildable platform because we fundamentally believed that high quality software was highly inaccessible, whether because of complexity, price or time constraints. In other words, building great software products, those that our greatest entrepreneurs and industries need to advance, are either too hard, too expensive or take too long to build.

With the productization of software, developers are now able to unlock a level of innovation, speed of development and creativity that's never been seen before. That said, the core piece of the equation is not the platform, per se, but rather the developer and his or her creativity. Buildable's developer community is the true driver of innovation and is the core of our existence, so we wanted to find a way that would both celebrate the addition of every new member and the release of their first API, while also contributing positively to their communities they care about outside of the platform.

How it works

Buildable's merch exchange, powered by Printful, is triggered whenever a new community member deploys their first Recipe to production. Why at this point? It's simple. Deploying logic on Buildable is both the ah-hah! moment for most community members as it ties together all the reasons why Buildable makes development so easy and it's a huge milestone for the developer. This is the point with which development is completed, microservices are spun up, logic is tested and you're ready to get your feature in front of users. This is a win-win moment for everyone, which is worthy of a champagne bottle pop 🍾

What you can get

In the Buildable merch exchange, you can exchange your deployed Recipe for a lot of great swag like:

  • The coziest tees
  • Awesome hoodies and crew neck sweaters
  • Coffee mugs to brighten your morning,
  • Posters to liven up your office (whether that's a part of your kitchen, a small room in your condo or a real office)
  • And more!

We plan to add more exciting options as we grow together. If you have an idea, let us know on Discord or Twitter.

We also decided to donate $5 for each deployed Recipe to a small business on, the crowdfunding platform announced by the City of Toronto and powered by Buildable. Small businesses are the backbone of our neighbourhoods. They are the restaurants, hair salons, yoga studios and other establishments that make our cities so vibrant. These businesses have been impacted greatly by COVID-19 and they still need our help in a post-pandemic, pre-vaccine environment. Not only can we build better, more scaleable businesses and applications on Buildable, but we can also contribute to the betterment of the communities around us.

Once you deploy a Recipe, you'll receive an email from our Community team that'll let you choose from the available options, like these wicked pieces:

Keep in mind that these merch items are all limited edition swag, so be sure to check them out and nab them while they’re hot!

Rules of engagement

The Buildable developer account used for the Merch Exchange needs to have at least 1,000 calls per month active. This helps to avoid any gamification of this awesome program! :)

Thank you

This launch has been a long time coming, and we hope you have as much fun exchanging and wearing your gear as we did creating the program! Thank you so much for your continued support and passion for Buildable.

Here’s to a new year of building and growing…