Product Update

Announcing our GitLab Integration

AUGUST 22, 2022 • 3 MIN READ
Written by
Esther Agbaje


Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that we have officially released our beta integration with GitLab as a Source connector.

GitLab is one of the most developer-friendly DevOps platforms that helps you automate builds, integration, and verification of your code.

With this integration, development teams using GitLab can now accelerate their software development cycle by creating powerful workflows using Buildable.

Extracting GitLab events

To stream events easily into Buildable, simply add GitLab as a Source in your Buildable developer dashboard, connect your account and subscribe to the events you're looking to connect.

Once done, you can check the status of your Connection using the green light indicator. Green means you're connected and all set to build. Red means there was an error in the connection. When successfully connected, you can begin to collect events.

The event stream in Buildable allows you to validate that events are being collected properly and shows events from your connected sources in real-time.

Common GitLab Workflows

Buildable makes it easy to connect GitLab and set up event-triggered workflows (to your favorite 3rd party apps) that significantly reduce repetition and boost your engineering team's productivity. Some popular workflows include:

1. Post new GitLab issues to a Slack channel

For teams that use Slack as their primary communication channel, when you connect GitLab as an event source, you can send new issues as an instant message to your Slack channel. This workflow offers tremendous benefits to busy development teams and ensures every member is aware of new issues created for a specific project without the need to go into GitLab.

2. Add new records to Airtable for GitLab commits

Whenever an Engineer makes a new commit to the GitLab project, Buildable will automatically detect this event and add a new record to an Airtable base. This workflow is a perfect way to loop other departments at your company about your development team's progress. It also allows members outside the engineering team to check Airtable and get insights into the development updates.

3. Write Jira issues for new issue events in GitLab

Do you manually create Jira issues to track bug fixes on your Gitlab project? Using Buildable, you can integrate Jira with GitLab to automatically add issues in Gitlab to Jira. This way, project managers and developer teams can seamlessly collaborate.

Do more with Gitlab Integration

For enterprise-level organizations who need to create complex workflows for their teams, Buildable lets you connect Gitlab to some of your most popular apps, so you can automate your engineering workflow and increase developer productivity.

We look forward to supporting the millions of GitLab users to experience the power of Buildable. Check our docs to learn more about how to connect Gitlab with Buildable.